As we experience a new awakening about the power of tidy spaces for our homes, don’t forget to include your office or retail space in your organizing and effective merchandising efforts. We apply thoughtful design and storage approaches for office and retail space, and we are familiar with the laws regarding document retention, so we can help you restore the zen your office and effective merchandising your retail store once had. Let us visit you and share our ideas.

Connect with us and we’ll share our thoughts on getting your office and retail space organized and working more effectively for you.

sessions include:

Hours your professional organizer spends in your office, plus:

  • 60-minute complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your project

  • Time spent shopping for required storage and supplies

  • Additional time spent space planning and designing organizing solutions

  • Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Transporting items to consignment

  • Removing trash or donation items after your session


  • Single Session (3 Hours): Regularly $300 - Limited Time Offer: $249


Most of our projects are custom designed with a variety of staffing levels and costs based on your specific needs, with lead organizers and merchandisers guiding helpers at a very affordable blended cost. Our average hourly blended rates are between $65-85/hr so we fit with almost any budget.

Package discounts are provided as well, so get in touch today!

Like everyone else these days who has jumped on the idea of tidying up their spaces, for me it was my office that I’d had for over a decade. Like I’m sure most people, I had more mementos from my years in the entertainment business and also just needed to get rid of lots of old files, keeping the special ones. Tidy Haus’s people just made it happen, the organizing, the storage they installed, all almost effortlessly. Can’t say enough good things.
— Jack N - Hollywood, California