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The excitement of finding the new home or leaving your current one often gives way to panic when you realize how much effort is involved in packing up and then unpacking. Tidy Haus is different from the packers your moving company sends you. It’s great to have burly types packing your vases but do you really want them in your underwear? Our packers aren’t side hustle jobbers; they’re our organizers who will also pack you up—because we often also do your unpacking and organizing, too. We think that matters bigtime.

Moving out? Not only do you have to decide what comes with you and what goes in the trash, to charity or to consignment, you also have the work itself of packing up. Typically our clients have movers pack the appliances and TVs but have Tidy Hausers do the bedrooms and closets, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, and garage for a higher quality of organized packing.

Moving in? For many people, a move takes far more effort than expected. Whether it is simply getting through the boxes at the end of a long day at work or if you want decor help to fill in the little touches and make your new place a home, Tidy Haus can help.

Our Move-out, Move-in service can take care of all of that for you. Contact us for any help you need with:

  • Decluttering before you pack

  • Arranging packing supplies

  • Creating a packing schedule and plan for your family

  • Daytime or nighttime packing, labeling and inventory

  • Unpacking scheduling and plan

  • Decor arrangement, recommendations and purchase

  • Donation and disposal of unwanted items



  • 30-minute free consultation

  • Hourly fee plus any moving materials you ask us to acquire and hauling services

  • Only pay for time actually used

  • Hauling, donation and deep cleaning services can be provided as well (just ask)


  • We provide all packing materials you need at cost + 10%

  • Packing supplies are based on what you need and can include boxes of various sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newsprint, sharpies (for labeling boxes by room and contents)

  • Art, TVs, home theater equipment and other non-appliance specialty items are packed with specialty boxes or bubble/plastic wrap as needed


Packing projects include skilled, careful packers (not unskilled labor), and following are estimates of time needed:

  • Fall Special: 1 packer: $39/hr 3 packers: $115/hr

  • Packing packages:

    • 20-35 boxes: 2 packers, 4 hours ($320) + cost of supplies

    • 40-70 boxes: 2 packers, 8 hours ($640) + cost of supplies


Unpacking projects include organizing help and are typically more customized than packing projects. Our clients often want an organizer to join their unpacking team, so we include both at an effective blended rate.

  • Fall Special: Regularly $630 - Limited Time Offer: $575
    (1 unpacker, 1 organizer, 6 hours)

  • Unpacking/Organizing Packages: Most of our unpacking projects are custom designed with a variety of staffing levels and costs based on your specific needs, with lead organizers guiding helpers at a very affordable blended cost. Our average hourly blended rates that include an organizer along with unpacker(s) are between $35-50/hr so we fit with almost any budget.

Package discounts are provided as well, so get in touch today!

I had no idea how much effort my move out and move in would take just in the packing and unpacking. It had been so many years since our last move. We accumulated so much! Jayne and Tidy Haus made it so much easier and helped us declutter at the same time. Brilliant service!
— Jamie S