We’re as techie as we are design and decor focused. The newest generation of TVs, home theater, home security, digital door locks, voice control and other great gadgets are getting easier to install yourself.

But you don’t have to: Our clients find that our expertise in installation, wall mounting, cable hiding and management, and system training make Tidy Haus a great partner to help.

Contact us for any help you need with:

  • Setup of TV, audio, video, security and other connected home systems

  • Integrating voice control of your system

  • Running power and cabling within the walls where needed

  • Hiding cables using cable management

  • Improving decor of charging cables and charger holders

  • Smart Home lighting, entertainment and environmental controls and app configuration

  • Simplifying remote controls

  • Training to use all the equipment


  • 30-minute free consultation

  • Hourly fee plus materials where needed for cable management and storage


  • TV Installation (1.5 Hours)*: Regularly $200 - Limited Time Offer: $129

  • Ring, Nest or Arlo home security installation**: Regularly $699 - Now: $499


Most of our projects are custom designed with a variety of staffing levels and costs based on your specific needs, with lead techs guiding helpers at a very affordable blended cost. Our average hourly blended rates are between $60-75/hr so we fit with almost any budget.

Package discounts are be provided as well, so get in touch today!

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  • Apple TV, Roku, Sling, Amazon Fire Stick, Google ChromeCast and other TV products

  • Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home and other Voice Controlled devices

  • Bose, Sonos, Sony and other home theater and whole-home audio systems

  • Connected digital door locks, motion sensors, water usage & leak sensors, etc.

  • Wireless security systems (Nest, Arlo, Wyze, etc.)

  • Samsung SmartThings, ZWave and Zigbee connected home systems

  • PC and Apple computer, tablet & phone updates, organizing and backups

  • Parental controls over all digital devices

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“We chose Tidy Haus because you could handle all the different kinds of electronics, but are also focused on the design and decor elements to make sure it looked great. We’re delighted with our Apple TV setup, Arlo home security, Sonos home theater, Kwikset digital locks. Great work at an affordable cost.”
— Peter and Marta G

* Does not include wallmount or supplies which can be provided by Tidy Haus or purchased separately. Assumes standard installation needs and available power and HDMI cable and video source.

** Does not include security system which can be provided by Tidy Haus or purchased separately. Assumes availability of power (for non-battery-powered systems) and compatible smartphone with space for the mobile app.