The family members, pets, gear, furniture and clothing in our homes is ever changing, from the time you first shack up to the first children, and through each of their major milestones. We can't help but accumulate things that once did and often still seem so important but for which there is less and less space.

Our Hands-on Organizing service is for those clients who recognize that their homes which were once so manageable become challenging, cluttered and less peaceful. 

Our compassionate consultants understand that is hard to give up some things and so work with you on a room-by-room basis in the order you want to organize, declutter, and determine what gets donated, sold, handed down or sent to the recycler.


sessions include:

Hours your professional organizer spends in your home, plus:

  • 60-minute complimentary in-home consultation to discuss the details of your project

  • Time spent shopping for required supplies

  • Additional time spent space planning and designing organizing solutions

  • Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Transporting items to consignment

  • Removing trash or donation items after your session


  • Single Session (3 Hours): Regularly $300 - Limited Time Offer: $249


Most of our projects are custom designed with a variety of staffing levels and costs based on your specific needs, with lead organizers guiding helpers at a very affordable blended cost. Our average hourly blended rates are between $60-75/hr so we fit with almost any budget.

Package discounts are provided as well, so get in touch today!

When I finally decided to search for a trustworthy and dependable home organizing pro, I had almost given up all hope that Iā€™d be able to get through the years of clutter that had accumulated. Jayne and her team gently helped me in my home figure out what should stay and what should go. It was so much easier with their help. Thank you, Jayne!
— Robin & Thomas T